Waste Collection Contracts: Everything You Need to Know

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It's time to understand your waste collection contract

Whether you're a business owner, an employee, or a solo contractor, waste contracts are a fact of doing business. When you sign the dotted line, odds are that the sales person makes you feel pretty good about the whole operation – it's just business as usual.

"Don't worry, the fees don't really go up that much!"

"All our current customers are happy and we have a lot of repeat business!"

"You don't need to worry about renewal, we can walk you through that when the time comes..."

And then the bills start piling up.

This article walks you through the anatomy of a waste collection contract and shows you what to watch out for.

I have to admit when we first entered into this contract, I found all this legalese difficult to understand, even now. 

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What are waste collection contracts?

Waste collection companies are exactly that — companies. It's their job to put their interests before yours, and they're interested in making money. Unfortunately, this is often at significant expense to your business. How do they loop you into such a situation?

With waste collection contracts.

​Also known as a disposal contract, or simply a collection contract, this document gives the vendor control of the situation for years to come. ​

At a base level, the waste collection contract states that for a certain period (typically 3-5 years), the vendor will place a bin (dumpster) outside your business and collect it at a certain frequency, taking all your waste to the dump. Convenient, right?

Hold up!

The contract often contains specific clauses, designed to give the vendor leverage over you, including:

  • The freedom to increase monthly charges at will, usually due to "fuel surcharges" or "market surcharges"
  • Automatic renewals (for another number of years!) with opt-out requiring a perfectly-timed physical letter sent by registered mail to a distant office
  • Unfair damages for cancelling outside their specific window

These clauses together, can amount to thousands of dollars each year in wasted money for your business. Don't think your business is special – the sales people are professionals and will lure you in with a low intro rate, backed up with hidden fees in the following months!

What can I do about it?

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Use a professional service.

Every waste company – in a simple B2B transaction – is going to try to slip something into your contract that you'll regret a year down the road. That's why there are so many cases of businesses taking vendors to court over unfair waste collection contracts. 

When you use a professional service, such as Waste Hero, to negotiate your terms, we can help get you out of an unfair contract (if you're currently stuck with one) and into a fair contract. Our team of professionals has dozens of combined years of experience with the waste industry, and we know the bottom line of what a waste vendor will accept for terms in a disposal contract.

When you submit your current contract details and contact info to us, we immediately analyze your contract details and figure out how to help get you into a better waste collection contract. Our expert negotiators then identify a vendor that will make better terms for you, and we reach out to connect you with a fair offer.

No more unfair waste collection contracts.

We believe that businesses deserve a fair deal, and the industry has been allowed to take advantage of dirty contracts for far too long. If you want to chat with one of our experts about how we get you a better contract, you can reach out here and we'll get in touch with you to show you how much money your business could be saving.