How to Save Money on Commercial Waste Management Costs

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Most businesses overpay their commercial waste management company. Is your business one of them?

Every business has set fixed and variable costs. Things like electricity, water/sewage, office space, and product costs all become line items on your P&L – this is normal, and necessary to run a business. However, what happens when your business starts paying unfair costs to one particular line item? What if that cost started to increase every month, with no way to control it?

We're talking about your commercial waste management fee.

However you describe it – waste disposal, garbage collection, dumpster fee – the bottom line is that businesses get taken advantage of by unscrupulous waste companies.

When you sign your first contract, here's how you avoid this pitfall and ensure you save money on commercial waste collection.

Saving money on your commercial waste management costs

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First of all: do you currently have a waste collection contract? If so, do you know where it is?

The first step in understanding how much you're being taken advantage of is to have a copy of your contract in front of you. Somewhere in there (almost certainly in the fine print), you'll likely see something about unchecked fee increases, a non-negotiable term with a damages clause for early termination, and a very short window for cancellation before it automatically renews for another full term. Is it predatory? Legally, no... But this is an aggressive tactic to squeeze as much value from your business as possible.

Let's discuss your next steps.

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Ready to start? Let's get you a fair deal.

We're in the business of getting people fair waste collection contracts, and that's all we do.

​Start now to see how we can help and start saving money.

What are some ways I can save money?

The best way to save money on commercial waste management starts when you draft up your first contract. If this isn't your first contract, feel free to skip ahead. Otherwise, these are some tactics you can use to save up front!

  • Share Costs With Other Businesses – If you run a small company, you may not need a considerable dumpster. Approaching neighbouring companies and offering to share a dumpster with them may help both businesses save some money.
  • Ensure You Only Have The Size Of Dumpster You Need – Know how much waste your business will produce! Based on that, you can determine the size of dumpster you need and avoid paying for pickup of something you're not fully using. If your company recycles a lot you may need less capacity.
  • Integrating Your Own Waste Handling Solutions – You can buy compactors and balers. A compactor will crush office waste and massively reduce the amount of dumpster capacity needed by 50% to 90%. A baler compacts recyclable materials like plastic, metal cans, foil and paper and makes it easy to sell them to recycling companies. These machines help in saving space needed to store waste, which in turn saves your business money.
  • Understand Your Contract and Push Back – New businesses are an easy sell. You need commercial waste collection, and the vendor wants to lock you into an easy contract. Don't let them walk all over you, and understand what you are signing.

You already have a contract – what can you do about it?

Getting out of a bad contract is like getting out of a bad relationship. You can do everything right, and you still feel burned at the end of it all.

First of all, don't hold yourself back with the sunk cost fallacy, thinking you've already paid your dues and the vendor will let up on you. Commercial waste management companies, given the chance, will see to it that your price goes up over time as long as possible. Threaten to find another vendor, and they'll even knock it back a bit – only to start the process over again.

What you need is a rock solid contract.

More often than not, this means starting fresh with a new vendor. You will need to leverage your potential long term contract value to ensure they don't sneak in any unfair terms. This can be difficult because their salespeople are very savvy negotiators and can talk around the issue instead of dealing with it.

This is where Waste Hero comes in. We're in the business of dealing with commercial waste management companies every day. They know us, and they know we don't take "no" for an answer. We get clients fair contracts, saving them hundreds (often thousands) of dollars each year.  If you're ready to stop throwing away money each month on a service that shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg, click here to begin. All we need is a way to contact you, and your current monthly costs and contract info. Our team will analyze your contract and be in touch.

Don't go it alone – Waste Hero is your commercial waste management contract partner!