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Questions on How Waste Hero Gets You a Better Commercial Garbage Collection Contract?

We get a lot of questions from businesses about how we work and how we can help. You can contact us anytime with any questions you have, but start by taking a look below to see if your question is already answered.

How much can I save every month on commercial garbage collection with Waste Hero?

It depends on how much you’re currently paying above market value. If you recently signed a contract, you may still be paying a competitive rate. But most contracts allow for unlimited rate increases twice a year, plus unindexed surcharges. The longer you’ve been in an unlimited rate increase contract, the more you can save by getting a new, fair contract.

How do I know I can save with Waste Hero?

We can guarantee your savings because we have an extensive network of commercial garbage collection providers across Canada.

How soon can I start saving with a new commercial garbage collection contract?

The sooner you upload your contract and current invoice, the faster we can get to work finding you a lower monthly rate. It usually takes us about a week to get new offers.

How much does it cost to use Waste Hero?

There’s no cost to businesses who need a new commercial garbage collection contract. We charge you nothing!

So, how does Waste Hero make money?

Waste collection providers typically spend too much on an outside sales force. These reps go door to door, looking for contracts with businesses like yours. But too often, they can’t make deals because businesses are locked into contracts and don’t know how to get out. The cost to a commercial garbage collection service of getting one new customer is high when they use the door to door method.

We charge waste collection services a small commission when we connect them with customers like you, and they make a deal. That commission is far smaller than what they typically pay using the old, inefficient way of making sales, so they can offer you a lower rate.

In short? Fair commercial garbage collection providers save, and the savings are passed on to businesses like you!

My current waste collection service says I’m locked into my contract. Can Waste Hero still help?

It’s true that most waste collection contracts are binding for the term of the contract. But Waste Hero has a wide network of service providers and the advantage of data on true market rates. When you have both, you have a powerful advantage. In short, we can often get you released from an unfair contract sooner than you’d expect.

My commercial garbage collection provider won’t give me a copy of my contract and invoice. What can I do?

It’s your legal right to review your contract and have a copy of your invoice. Simply remind your waste collection service of this fact and don’t be put off by delays. You deserve to know what you’ve signed up for and compare your current contract with better offers.

Can you help me even if I don’t share my contract and invoice?

Waste Hero uses an algorithm to calculate your savings based on the months remaining in your contract, your current rate and the pattern of increases since you first signed. For this we need your contract and a recent invoice. If you’d rather get a ballpark estimate of savings without sharing your information, call us.

Do you share my contract with other businesses?

Waste Hero does not share your personal information with other businesses. We do reach out to local commercial garbage collection providers to request quotes based on your area code and service level. However, we don’t share your business name, address or the documents you provide for our analysis.

How do I know a new contract for commercial garbage collection will be fair?

At Waste Hero, we’re experts on commercial waste removal contracts. We know what to look for and we review contracts in detail before sharing an offer with you. When we have an offer from a new provider, we’ll help you understand why the contract is fair before you sign anything.

Can’t I just call around to get quotes and find a new contract myself?

The advantage of working with Waste Hero is that you get more quotes in less time, for less effort. We aggregate the commercial garbage collection quotes in your area to find the lowest rate. To do that yourself would take hours. And because we’re industry experts, we’re in a better position to negotiate a fair contract on your behalf.