Your Commercial Garbage Collection Contract Heroes

Waste Hero is for businesses that are tired of unfair waste removal contracts.


We connect your business with commercial waste removal services that offer truly transparent contracts and competitive pricing.

Because the waste industry is in need of a shakeup. There are fair waste removal services out there ready and willing to help you save. But they can’t easily get in front of the businesses that need them. They don’t know what you’re currently paying or when your contract expires.

Waste Hero has the technology, the analytics and the network to solve the problem. We bring local businesses together with the best commercial garbage collection service providers.

When we analyze your current contract, we use a proprietary algorithm to calculate how much you can save — even if you break your current contract. And then we aggregate the best offers from commercial garbage collection providers in your area.

Our mission is to help businesses save while letting the best waste services rise to the top. Because we all win when shady contracting practices become a thing of the past. We believe better information makes for better business. It starts when you share your contract and let us help you save.

Start Saving

Are you a waste collection provider who wants to work with Waste Hero?

Okay! We need to figure out if you are a good fit. We connect consumers with providers that offer fair contracts – shoot us a message and let’s see if you’re a good fit for the Waste Hero network.

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